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The Center for Insect Science (CIS) is a Division of the Arizona Research Laboratories at the University of Arizona, Tucson. The Center was founded in 1989 when it received one of the three original National Science Foundation Biological Centers Awards. The Center is not a physical entity as such but its administration provides an umbrella organization; the Center's role is to foster collaborative research and education across topics relevant to integrative biology and areas of biomedicine and biotechnology that employ insects and other arthropods as model systems or investigate their medical impact. It is recognized that insects provide outstanding training research and training opportunities at all levels, from undergraduate to postdoctoral training and career development. . . (read more)

The Center for Insect Science is pleased to announce that the Seventh International Symposium on Molecular Insect Science will be held 13-16 July 2014, at the Grand Krasnapolsky Hotel, Amsterdam, the same venue for the highly successful meeting in October, 2011. Please put these dates on your calendars.

For INSECT IDENTIFICATION contact Carl Olson, "The Bugman".

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