Nicholas (Nikos) Lessios

Dept. of Neuroscience
Phone: 919-316-8697
Office: 405 Gould-Simpson
Lab: 415 Gould-Simpson
Mail: 1040 East 4th St Room GS 611

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Lessios, N., (2016). Modeling spectral sensitivities of visual systems: identifying photoreceptor arrays using electroretinographic recordings and multimodel inference. In Review.

Lessios, N., Strausfeld, N.J., Sayre, M.S., Cohen, J.H., Rutowski, R.L. (2016). Unconventional vision using multiple spectral channels and reduced optic lobes. In prep.

Lessios, N., Cohen, J.H., Rutowski, R.L. (2016). Two species of branchiopod crustaceans, Triops longicaudatus and Streptocephalus mackini, use neural summation to maintain depth in dim ephemeral pool light environments. In prep.

Bergman, M., Lessios, N., Seymoure, B., & Rutowski, R. (2015). Visual mate detection in a territorial butterfly- the effect of background and luminance contrast. Behavioral Ecology, 26:851-860.

Forward, R.B. Jr., Bourla M.H., Lessios, N., Cohen, J.H. (2009). Orientation to shorelines by the supratidal amphipod Talorchestia longicornis: wavelength specific behavior during sun compass orientation. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 376: 102–109.

Cohen, J. H., Cronin, T.W. Lessios, N. and Forward, R.B. (2010). Visual physiology underlying orientation and diel behavior in the sand beach amphipod Talorchestia Longicornis. Journal of Experimental Biology 213: 3843-3851.

Dickinson, W., Ferreyra, J., Imbesi, K. L., Joshi, S., Kingsolver, C., Klein, E., Lessios, N. N., Ng, A., Stamp, T., White, K., Xu, D., and Vidra, R. L. (2006). The ethical challenges faced by ecological restorationists. Ecological Restoration Vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 102-104.