Research Opportunities
for Undergraduate Students

The Postdoctoral Excellence in Research and Teaching (PERT) Program at the University of Arizona will provide a research experience for interested undergraduate students. All applicants are welcome. Minority students are especially encouraged to apply. This program is specifically geared to assisting students towards university entrance and towards a career in the life sciences and biotechnology.

PERT postdoctoral fellows will serve as mentors to provide students with a quality laboratory experience. Research projects will be in areas that include biochemistry, entomology, ecology, genetics, neurobiology, and molecular and cellular biology. Research opportunities can be viewed at individual postdocs' websites.

Students will learn about basic laboratory practices and will learn research techniques in disciplines ranging from molecular biology to ecology. Specific techniques learned will depend upon the project and postdoctoral mentor selected.

Start and end dates are flexible, according to each postdoc's needs. Entry level students start at minimum wage, $10.50 per hour. Part time work is available. Any questions or comments should be referred to Teresa Kudrna ( or telephone her at 520-621-9310.

You can apply using the online form.

Online Application Form | Current PERT Postdocs